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My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 6]

So this post will only be one of the days, because… i don’t really know… i guess i’m just lazy… getting ready for school and all

On to Day 7!!

Day 7: Tour around Tokyo

Today was a day planned by Yamate-gakuin where we took a little tour around Tokyo. Read More…


My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 3 + 4 + 5]

So a continuation of the last post, This will be of Day’s 3 + 4 + 5

Day 3: Hot-Springs, Mountains, and eggs…

This day was…Interesting…I guess is a good way to put it. This was the day we went to Mt. Fuji (or Fuji-san.) However the odd thing did not happen while at Mt.Fuji, But on the way there. Read More…

My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 1 + 2]

So after a little more than a week of mass procrastination and reflection about my trip to Japan, I finally decide to write this post about it.

Day 1: On my way!

Other than the~12hour trip to Japan, not exactly the most eventful day Read More…

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