My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 6]

So this post will only be one of the days, because… i don’t really know… i guess i’m just lazy… getting ready for school and all

On to Day 7!!

Day 7: Tour around Tokyo

Today was a day planned by Yamate-gakuin where we took a little tour around Tokyo.

First part of this was a little boat ride. This wasn’t our boat however…

This was ours, not as great looking as the other one, but is was pretty awesome.

A sign that was posted above the entrance of the ship.

Some ‘meh’ photos from the spot i was from, the second one is out of focus because my camera (which is a point and shoot) focused on the window ^^;

The nom noms which was tempura with rice, miso, pickled stuff, and green tea.

After this little nom nom break, we headed off to Asakusa

Some pictures of Asakusa while we were walking there and during the time we had there.

Afterwords we headed towards the Edo-Tokyo Museum, most of the pictures are pretty bad due to the lighting of the museum, i’ll post a couple of them either way.

Pictures while i was wondering around the museum and some candy in the gift shop (this was a present for my brother :P)

That was the end of that day, till next time! ^^


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