My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 3 + 4 + 5]

So a continuation of the last post, This will be of Day’s 3 + 4 + 5

Day 3: Hot-Springs, Mountains, and eggs…

This day was…Interesting…I guess is a good way to put it. This was the day we went to Mt. Fuji (or Fuji-san.) However the odd thing did not happen while at Mt.Fuji, But on the way there.

Got some decent pictures while we were taking the bullet-train there.  ^^

A picture of what i believe is a restaurant ^^;

So before we went to Fuji-san, we went to a Hot Spring Hotel. While here we stopped for lunch, However no pictures exist because… well i was thinking about eating the food, rather than taking pictures of it. ^^; but i like to believe that is normal. :3

This was probably the most interesting part of it. Why? Well because this is a Japanese-style hot spring… and it is everything that the anime you might have seen says it is (except for the males trying to sneak a peak of the females side… that doesn’t happen… To my knowledge at least.)

Of course i have no pictures of my experience in the hot-spring, but i can say that it was interesting… not something i would do a second time, but interesting none the less.

The waiting room. We were here for a bit waiting for the last person of the family to finish up.

Wasn’t to bad, the waiting room had a very nice view ^_^

After the hot spring we headed to a cable-car ride thing that took us up Mt.Fuji

Got some interesting pictures while i was on the cable-car ^^

After that, we came to this place (which i have no idea what is was or anything) Which had a lot of things that were egg related (egg flavored ice-cream, hard boiled eggs, etc.)

The hard-boiled eggs apparently increase your life-span for another 3 years… however only about half of one because i honestly don’t like the flavor of eggs… so for me 1.5 years? ^^;

Was at a pit-stop for climbers and hikers. Picture of a mountain in the distance. ^^

Natural Mineral water… thing ^^;

Then we headed to a shopping center, which mainly sold clothes 🙂

After this point my camera had died and i don’t have spare batteries for my camera, but there wasn’t really anything to take photos of since this was basically the end of the day.

Day 4: Culture Day!

Today was an organized event by the school for everyone to experience some Japanese culture! There were activities for everyone to try out. There was Origami, Fan making, soba-noodle making, and they even let you try on (and keep!) yukatas. Although i have no pictures of these things, i have pictures of club demonstrations! Which were really awesome!!

The Koto music club ^_^

The Cheerleading club!

The Kendo club! 😀

Karate club! 😮

The Dance club!

After Culture Day, a group of people decided to go bowling! I was probably the worst person there ^^;

Then headed out for some nom noms. Was really tasty!

To that was the end of a short and eventful day!


Day 5: The Pool!!

So this day we spent at the pool! (not many pictures because camera + water = broken camera) was a very fun day. Most of the guys left with battle scars (yes battle scars) because one of the girls pounced on the guy dragging them down into the dark abyss of the pool. Ended up scratching all the guys up, and almost drew up blood on one of them. Very fun day though i must say.


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