My Two Weeks in Japan [Day 1 + 2]

So after a little more than a week of mass procrastination and reflection about my trip to Japan, I finally decide to write this post about it.

Day 1: On my way!

Other than the~12hour trip to Japan, not exactly the most eventful day

Airplane nom noms are not very good :\

Finally arrived at Narita International Airport (saw this sign as i was leaving the airport :P)

Then came a 2 hour bus drive to Yamate Junior/Senior school

I got some nice pictures of random buildings along the way though ^_^

Along the way, there was this guy from another school waving at us. A very nice greeting into Japan :3 Thank you stranger.

Although i do not have any pictures after this (was uber tired from the long trip… and forgot ^^;) Once we arrived at the school we were greeted by all the students, some water, and booklets giving some information about Japan.


Day 2: Friends and the beach

After a good night sleep (not really, i’m really uneasy when i sleep in a new environment) We went to the super market and got some things (no pictures because i forgot my camera)

Blurry i know, but soba is a nice lunch isn’t it? 😀

Afterwards we headed off to a friend of my host’s, who was ~1hour away.

Once there we, and got over the fairly awkward greetings, we played a little Wii

and about a 5 minute walk away there was a beach and spent quite a bit of time just having fun

some evening nom noms before we headed back home for the night.

And because i think it’s a good idea, i’ll just split this up into a couple of parts soo

To be continued…


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